What we achieved at the session breaks down very simply. We worked on the technical show. What everyone will DO during the performance. And, we worked on expressive freedom. How everyone will FEEL during the performance. 


Making choices and rehearsing those choices is the key to the technical preparation. 

Building energy and maintaining focus is the key to expressive freedom. 


Below, I discuss how to create a pre-show-ritual that will align energy and expressive freedom, which will allow you to execute the technical show free from self-doubt, worry, fear, and obsessive thinking. 


Design and lead a ritual using the information below and the performance will be everything you've dreamed of and more!!


You are ready and you've earned this opportunity. Building the right amount of energy before hitting the stage is the key to executing at your highest potential, and ultimately, teaching your audience that lesson in empathy, which ultimately, will change the world. 

- luth


The master key to making sure this show achieves everything we want is in the Pre-Show Ritual. Without a doubt. We proved it at the session. The difference in expressive freedom between our first few takes and the takes after our eye contact and movement exercises was extreme and only took us 15 minutes.



GOLDEN RULE: Ritual must be at least 20 minutes, focused. Momentum is key can't be created in less time. 


What it is: Ritual is a warm up. You're warming up the 5 components of Ritual 

to maximize your confidence and energy. 


What are they: Voice, Instrument, Body, Communication, Expressive Freedom

How: Over the duration of your Ritual, focus deeply on each one of the five components until you feel like you've warmed up that component to %100 confidence. Then move to the next. 


The mission is to try methods for warming up each component until you have a method that succeeds in making you feel 100% confident. You'll know you are at 100% confidence when you stop feeling judgmental of yourself. 


What those methods should be is personal to you.



The Voice:

Intensely focused, deep breathing for 2 minutes to find your range of breath and to root your spirit to calm the mind. Then, find your full range of pitch and volume, slowly and with intense focus. You're done when you feel 100% warmed up and confident, not 60% is good enough. Be aware of stopping before you're done.


The Body: 

Dance like a maniac for 2 minutes to find your full range of motion and full range of breathing. Yoga. Stretching. Skipping, Squats. Engage the body until you feel no inhibition about how you move your body. 


The Instrument:

Stretching, relaxing, and energizing your wrists, arms, legs, and anything else that will be adding to the mechanics of how you play your instrument. Deliberately apply your deepest focus when playing. Focus on the fretboard and the picking pattern, and when your mind takes you out of that focus, be aware and anchor back immediately. 



The whole game is communication. Unbroken eye contact for extended periods of time with each member of the band. See them. You'll connect and you'll lift the veil of self-consciousness by taking the risk to be vulnerable. 


Expressive Freedom: 

This is about risk. Do something uncomfortable that will make you feel judged to blast through fear. Each personal risk you take will make the next bigger risk easier until you feel invisible to the judgment of others.