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"The passion and energy Luther brings, and his specific approach to

stage psychology will have a lasting impact on their careers for years to come."


 - President & CEO - CARAS, The JUNO Awards & MusiCounts

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JUNO Master Class and CMI Performance Coach, Luther Mallory, presents a live music performance seminar for Artists focused on creating a mind-blowing show and FINALLY addressing the root problem affecting every Musician and Artist seeking career success - MINDSET. 

The absolute truth is that every dream-chasing Artist is secretly battling with some degree of self-doubt, depression, fear, overwhelm, and unworthiness that can create a negative and damaging MINDSET and rob an Artist of the energy needed to perform well on and off stage. 

This is the root cause of Artists sucking live and ultimately giving up on their dreams - The internal struggle. 

In The DTS  Seminar, Luther shines a much needed light on the mental and emotional aspects of life and performance and uses methods he has developed over 6 years coaching more than 600 Artists in Workshops and private rehearsal sessions to break down internal fear barriers that keep them from performing at their best.


Willing Artists are cherry-picked from the audience to take part in exercises that unlock fearless self-expression and demonstrate how to build a captivating live show.

Part lecture, part concert, part guided meditation, part group therapy, and completely motivational; Luther is like Allan Watts and Ram Dass meets Tony Robbins and Gary Vee for the Music Industry. 

"Every high performance athlete has emotional and mental training by way of sports psychology" says, Luther. "So, why are high performance Artists left to figure it out for themselves, battling through rejection, imposter syndrome, and uncertainty with no strategy, until the pressure becomes too much and they give up? This is the fate of 99% of all Artists out there trying to "make it. We can start to change that by training Artists to change their mindset and their approach to building a show."


Duration: 1.5 Hours

Audience Size: 50+ Artists

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Contact Luther Mallory Directly: luthermallory@gmail.com

Contact Management: Coalition Music

Rob Lanni: rob.lanni@coalitionmusic.com

Eric Lawrence: eric.lawrence@coalitionmmusic.com