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week 2:

the content creator

week 2 session summary notes

  • Learned the Attention Model and the idea of the "sidedoor" approach to building an audience

  •  The Attention Model explains the method most Content Creators use to gain a following in 2021. ​Because every human now has a platform to gain attention on social media, and because of the speed of digital consumption, showing people "skill" is often to much of a challenge for a passive consumer scrolling past a piece of content. "Attention" is an easier method to grab people and earn their interest. An Artist can gain that attention using anything interesting, not just music. 

  • The Side Door Approach is the strategy of choosing to present something other than your art on online in order to gain a following and then leveraging the audience you gain through the side door to introduce to your main objective - Your art.

  • The First Golden Rule of Performance: be as good as you are, not as good as you want to be.

week 2 challenges

Challenge 1: 20 Minutes of Content

1. Take yourself through the 20-minute process of warming up to risk more - just like we did last week, BUT, use the 20 minutes to create content and explore possible side-door angles for your main social channel. 


Remember - Hit record, then think about. All the work from warm up to finished recording should be within the 20 minute time limit. No need to stress before-hand. Just hit the button. 

Post to this Group Dropbox link:


Or, Post to your Youtube Channel and share the link

Challenge 2: Find 3 Creators that inspire you

Easy one. Scroll on your main social channel until you find 3 Creators making content that inspires you, and that you might consider making yourself. In doing this, we get to see a template and we can begin to model our Content after something we are responding positively to. 

You won't steal their style. You've got your own. But, you might borrow their structure.

week 2 class videos

Why The Stage Exists - The Legend of Botnik

Botnik transcends his body and begins work as Shooshi Botnik Botnik - God of all Artists. Botnik formulates a plan to save earth - his homeworld - from The Craziness by stealing the god-child of the Almighty Algorithm named Polar Duck and creating Human Artists in Polar Duck's perfect image to send to Earth to fill the stages and keep The Craziness at bay. 

Botnik, caught in a vision, sees the future of earth's technology and realizing the power of the digital world, travels to earth in an attempt to harness this new power to save the Humans. 

Week 2 Full 3-Hour Discussion Session