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week 3:

the promoter

week 3 session summary notes

  • Learned the 1% Rule, the EA Method, and the concept of the funnel.

  •  The 1% Rule is a simple concept that aims to shift our perspective on social media engagement. Less than 1% of people that "view" your content, end up taking action with your main objective (what you really want them to do). So, we can stop stressing about too few likes and too few comments! 

  • The EA Method or "Expressive Artist Method" is the framework we've been using to create in the Weekly Challenges. A 20 minute time limit. Push record, and spend 20 minutes pushing into risk and finding new ideas in raw format.  

  • The funnel is the viewer's pathway to your main objective (spotify followers, Youtube subs, Merch sales..etc). You build an obvious and clear funnel to make it easy for the 1% to make it easily to the bottom of your funnel and take action with your main objective.   

week 3 challenges

Weekly Challenge:

Take the RAW FOOTAGE from your past Weekly Challenges and build posts from that footage for your main channel. If you're not inspired by your RAW FOOTAGE, do another 20 minute Challenge to collect new ideas!

Post to your main channel and share the link on Discord, or just directly on Discord if nervous to post publicly. 

Watch mine in the weekly-challenges channel on Discord for an example. 


Or, Post to your Youtube Channel and share the link.

week 3 class video

Week 3 Full 3-Hour Discussion Session

free marketing + branding + graphic design tools


1. Unsplash - Free images:

2. Pixaby - Free stock photos + illustrations + vector art + stock videos + music/audio tracks for commerical/non-commercial use:

3. Pexels - Free images + videos:


1. Canva - Free graphic design platform:

2. DaFont - Free downloadable fonts:

3. Heritage Type Co. - Free to use vintage illustration bundles perfect for private + commerical projects:


1. Adobe Lightroom - Free photo editor + camera app:

2. Snapseed - Free photo-editing app by Google. Available for Android or iOS

3. VSCO - Free photo-editing app for iPhone + some Android devices:


1. Hoostuite - Free social media auto-scheduling program. Free plan available:

2. Later - Free social media auto-scheduling program. Free plan available:



1. Mailchimp - Email marketing program to help you build, brand + sell online. Free plan available: