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CBY week 1:
the artist

week 1 challenges

Post Daily Challenges to your Youtube Channel (unlisted or pubic) and share the link in the "Daily Challenge" channel on the CBY Discord. (worth 30 xp)

Bonus 30 xp for posting a clip from your raw footage to social media and sharing the link on Discord

DAY 6 CHALLENGE (sun) : Warm Up To Risk (20 minutes)

Press record. Then worry about what you're going to do. 

Today's Challenge will test your focus. And honestly, it's a hard one. It's going to require more energy than you think. 

What's the best song you've ever written? Let's workshop it. 

For 20 minutes, on camera, press record, and start playing it. Instrument/track and vocal, or acapella. Now, perform the song, front to back, no stopping, no resetting, on a loop for 20 minutes. You'll end up playing it 5 or 6 times. This is our first big test to practice these methods of rooting into the moment while performing our music. Your job simply to perform, and to control your mind for 20 minutes by identifying when you've moved into judgment, and use our methods (choose your focus) to root back into the body energy and master the moment. 

This is legitimately hard. And that's why you can learn a lot about yourself by completing this Challenge. You'll get very annoyed and defeated many many times during this test. That's the point. We're practicing losing it, and then getting it back. Moving into judgment, and then getting back to the moment. Moving into thinking, and the getting back to feeling. Don't start over or quit, root back, in real time, and you'll find the moment again. 

DAY 5 CHALLENGE (sat) : Warm Up To Risk (20 minutes)

Press record. Then worry about what you're going to do. 

Today's Challenge is a musical one! Finally. As you've noticed, most of our work is focused on letting go of judgment - of ourselves, and of our audience. For today's 20 minutes, press record, and write a song. From scratch to finished. It will require fast decisions and very little judgment. If the song sucks, you did it right. If it's great, you did it right. Commitment is the only requirement. 

Setting limitations can force creativity and surprising ideas. We are limiting time, so we are limiting the amount of time you have to second guess your ideas. 

DAY 4 CHALLENGE (fri) : Warm Up To Risk (20 minutes)

Press record. Then worry about what you're going to do. 

Today's Challenge is going to get a bit more intense. We've been focused on the Artist side of things. You have been recording yourself, mostly by yourself. For this one, let's look at the Audience side of things. 

This one is simple, but not necessarily easy. Press record and interact with the camera like usual, BUT, in public and (at times) loud enough to be heard. There doesn't have to be people everywhere (you'll see in mine there were no people) but the threat of people hearing or watching is enough. 20 minutes, warm up to risk, public edition. 

Adding the audience is a critical step, even the threat of real people judging you while you talk to your camera. See how much you can risk in public. See how far out of your comfort zone you can push. Baby-steps are welcome. Let's get it!

DAY 3 CHALLENGE (thurs) : Warm Up To Risk (20 minutes)

Press record. Then worry about what you're going to do. 

Now, that we're getting some momentum in front of the camera, let's mix it up. Exercise is an incredible tool for practicing rooting into the moment and mimicking our experience on stage moving between thinking and feeling. 

Press record, and exercise (weights, cardio, anything) for 20 minutes. The way we "risk" when exercising is by pushing past our limits. In other words, when the brain kicks in and says "this is getting a bit uncomfortable, we should stop" you have an opportunity to move your energy back into the body, and keep going, rather than letting your brain convince you to stop. 

It's the same process as performance. Overcome thinking by choosing your focus, and choosing the body. Root back into the moment and defeat the brain! When you do, pay close attention to the increase in confidence and courage - your reward for risking more!

Even when exercising, keeping discovering the "cube". Keep exploring the emotional range and push real intensity, and keep exploring the internal/external space - perform for yourself, and perform for the camera. 

DAY 2 CHALLENGE (wed) : Warm Up To Risk (20 minutes)

Press record. Then worry about what you're going to do. 

Today's Challenge is identicle to Day 1. We're still just warming up. Just be in front of the camera for 20 minutes and fill the time. See if you can find a bit more intensity today. Go a little further, risk a little more, get a little uncomfortable. 

Still just getting used being vulnerable on camera. Don't forget: You don't HAVE to share it. So take some chances. Explore that idea of risk and how risking more rewards you with courage which makes you feel willing to risk even more. Find some new energy on this Challenge. Push the risk! 

DAY 1 CHALLENGE (tues) : Warm Up To Risk (20 minutes)

Press record. Then worry about what you're going to do. 

Today's Challenge is dead simple. Just be in front of your camera for 20 minutes. Fill the time and see what happens. 

This is the beginning of the process of getting comfortable being yourself in front of the camera (for the new digital audience). For 20 minutes, you'll mimic the live performance process where you don't get to start over and "get it right". When you get self-conscious or fearful, you have to find a way back to the moment while the camera rolls. 

You get to practice performing in front of the camera, and the audience gets to see your whole process, good, bad, vulnerable, fearful, cool, lame, funny, stupid, serious, and everything in between. 

week 1 workshop recap

  • Learned the Technical Skill of 'Focus' + Expressive Skill of 'Risk'

  • Determined which type of Artist each of you are - Technical Artist (TA) or Expressive Artist (EA)

  • Technical Artists believe that thinking is the best way to understand and control a situation

  • Traits of Technical Artists: grew up with an emphasis on achievement, parents pushed you to get good grades in school, you may have played high level sports at an early age, learned discipline and focus, you grew up with an emphasis on responsibility, structure and discipline

  • Technical Artists on Stage: can't stop judging themselves. The quest for control, structure, focus and discipline is just as real as it was in childhood. Every flat note is analyzed and punished. The Technical Artists plays with precision on stage, but has trouble feeling because letting go of control feels unsafe. 

  • Techical Artists off Stage: are organizational geniuses. Their to-do list is well thought out. Things are underlined and bulleted and in order of importance. They have deadlines and they meet them, because achievement, responsibility and structure feel like control to the Technical Artist

  • Expressive Artists believe that feeling is the best way to understand and control a situation

  • Traits of Expressive Artists: grew up with an emphasis on freedom, follow your heart mentality. In school you may have been intensely social or anti-social. You probably didn't take part in anything like sports, but if you did, you didn't really like the coach telling you what to do and you didn't like the competitive aspect because you like making up your own rules for your own games. You may have never done a chore in your life. Work ethic, responsibility, structure, and discipline were largely absent from your childhood.

  • Expressive Artists on Stage: find it easy to be in the moment. Letting go of thinking all together and just feeling the music and the audience. They don't give a fuck about other people's opinions in moments of intensity on stage, however they care very deeply about other people's opinions in moments of self-conciousness. Mistakes can be made on stage without a lot of guilt and obsessing because life and Art is about freedom and expression. The Expressive Artist plays with freedom and doesn't care that much about precision because expression and freedom is the pathway to success.

  • Expressive Artists off Stage: are unique people to be around. Expressive Artists can be a polarizing force in the lives of those around them. They can be a challenge to be around. They make brilliant art but can't send an email.

  • Filling the Cube: is a way to look at the dimensions of a performance. The vertical axis represents emotional dynamic range. How intense can you get within a certain emotion? More intensity requires more risk. The horizontal axis represents the internal and external performance. When you perform internally you are focused on you, the Artist. When you perform external you are focused on them, the Audience. You can move between these spaces for a completely different experience. 

cby full schedule

Monday, Sept 20 : 7 - 9pm EST (Group Workshop 1)

Wed, Sept 22 : 7 - 9pm EST (1 on 1s, talk, and guided meditation)

Monday, Sept 27 : 7 - 9pm EST (Group Workshop 2)

Wed, Sept 29 : 7 - 9pm EST (1 0n 1s, talk, and guided meditation)


You will need 20 minutes per day to complete the Daily Challenges.