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week 1:

the performer

week 1 session summary notes

  • Learned the Technical Skill of 'Focus' + Expressive Skill of 'Risk'

  • Determined which type of Artist each of you are - Technical Artist (TA) or Expressive Artist (EA)

  • Technical Artists believe that thinking is the best way to understand and control a situation

  • Traits of Technical Artists: grew up with an emphasis on achievement, parents pushed you to get good grades in school, you may have played high level sports at an early age, learned discipline and focus, you grew up with an emphasis on responsibility, structure and discipline

  • Technical Artists on Stage: can't stop judging themselves. The quest for control, structure, focus and discipline is just as real as it was in childhood. Every flat note is analyzed and punished. The Technical Artists plays with precision on stage, but has trouble feeling because letting go of control feels unsafe. 

  • Techical Artists off Stage: are organizational geniuses. Their to-do list is well thought out. Things are underlined and bulleted and in order of importance. They have deadlines and they meet them, because achievement, responsibility and structure feel like control to the Technical Artist

  • Expressive Artists believe that feeling is the best way to understand and control a situation

  • Traits of Expressive Artists: grew up with an emphasis on freedom, follow your heart mentality. In school you may have been intensely social or anti-social. You probably didn't take part in anything like sports, but if you did, you didn't really like the coach telling you what to do and you didn't like the competitive aspect because you like making up your own rules for your own games. You may have never done a chore in your life. Work ethic, responsibility, structure, and discipline were largely absent from your childhood.

  • Expressive Artists on Stage: find it easy to be in the moment. Letting go of thinking all together and just feeling the music and the audience. They don't give a fuck about other people's opinions in moments of intensity on stage, however they care very deeply about other people's opinions in moments of self-conciousness. Mistakes can be made on stage without a lot of guilt and obsessing because life and Art is about freedom and expression. The Expressive Artist plays with freedom and doesn't care that much about precision because expression and freedom is the pathway to success.

  • Expressive Artists off Stage: are unique people to be around. Expressive Artists can be a polarizing force in the lives of those around them. They can be a challenge to be around. They make brilliant art but can't send an email.

  • The Reset: Overcome overwhelm and limiting expectations in day-to-day life and during the Relaxation Day Challenge using this strategy to move from mind energy to body energy. As soon as over-thinking or overwhelm shows up: Take 5 deep breaths, slow and focused. Then, take another 5 breaths and add mantra ("I accept this moment as it is") to fill the mind with something helpful instead of limiting. Do it as many times as needed to come back to relaxation. 

  • The First Golden Rule of Performance: be as good as you are, not as good as you want to be.

week 1 challenges

Challenge 1: Warm Up To Risk

1. Start with a musical idea - a loop-able part. 4 - 8 bars is a good length but anything goes if you're feeling it. Make it something you've written that you're proud of and enjoy to make it fun for yourself.

2. Take yourself through the 20-minute process of warming up to risk more - just like we did in the Week 1 Discussion Session during our guided meditation. First, warm up your technical voice and body - get loose and get in control of your technical voice.


REMEMBER the golden rule of performance - Be as good as you are. You can't guilt yourself for not being a better vocalist, you have to work at your CURRENT skill level.


Then, begin to take small risks to push ever so slightly out of your comfort zone - micro fear battles as I like to think of them. Each battle won makes the next level of risk feel easier. After pushing into more and more discomfort you will have compiled enough small risks to feel confident enough to take big ones - just like Richie and Johnny did running into the condo hallway. Iron guts! After 20 minutes of ups and downs and working through fear and frustration, let's see where you end up! Post that shiitttt so we can see the before and after, and the process to get there. 


Post to this Group Dropbox link:


Or, Post to your Youtube Channel and share the link


Or, post it in the Weekly Challenges channel on Discord if it's under 100mb


Challenge 2: Relaxation Day

Choose a block of time at least one day this week where you will focus on NON-WORK related activities. Hobbies, entertainment, relationships, general shenanigans. During this time, when expectation and overwhelm creeps into your mind and tries to convince you that you are "wasting time that could be used to progress your career", do the following:


1. Remind yourself that downtime is COMPLETELY NECESSARY to recharge your energy and your happiness. If you stress through Relaxation Day, you will not have achieved relaxation, you will not recharge your energy and happiness, and you will continue to work in burnout mode - where you do your shittiest work. YOU NEED THIS!


2. Use "The Reset" strategy we learned in the Week 1 Discussion Session to move from mind energy to body energy. 5 deep breaths, slowly paced, followed by another 5 deep breaths while reciting your mantra: "I accept this moment as it is right now" (or a mantra of your choice)

3. Use "The Reset" as many times as you need it. The added benefit of practicing "The Reset" is getting better at the exact skill you use on stage to come back to the moment when over-thinking kicks in. Moving from the mind energy to the body energy through deliberate focus on the breath (body) and filling the mind with something deliberately positive (mantra). 

week 1 class videos

Why The Stage Exists - The Legend of Botnik

Years ago, the human race suffered from a plague on the earth called The Craziness. Desperate to find a way to express and release The Craziness, an unknown philosopher named Botnik made his way to the center of the town square and proposed to the people his plan to save the humans from The Craziness by creating the first stage.

Week 1 Full 3-Hour Discussion Session